Kylie Cosmetics True Brown K Lip Kit Review…

Kylie Cosmetics True Brown K Lip Kit Review…

Good evening everyone! Today I finally got round to trying the True Brown K Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics. These are available on and they retail at $29 or around £21 if you’re from the UK like me. Now it’s available as a single matte lipstick or a single liner, which is good news. 

This colour is one of the original colours that Kylie released and it’s a dark, chocolate brown. Like usual, it arrived in the signature Kylie box with lots of foam around it to protect it.

Upon opening the actual lipstick it had that signature sweet smell that all of the lip kits come with which I LOVE. The applicator is the usual long stick with a fluffy bit on the end so ensure better and more even application. 

Below is a picture of the swatch, due to me being pale, the swatch looks quite dark but on darker skin, this colour looks a lot lighter. However, either way it’s a nice colour.

Upon application to my lips it spread very easily and the formula was quite thick of which I was glad about, unlike Kourt K which is quite a thin formula. Luckily, True Brown K applied very evenly and only took one coat to full cover my lips. The liner lived up to expectations too, it’s such a soft and easy to use liner. The picture below is just after I applied it, before it dried, 

Again it is quite dark on my lips and I feel as though it would suit a darker skin. It dried within about thirty seconds and like the other lip kits, there was no transferring and it dried completely matte. I noticed that True Brown K actually crumbled a little faster than the others I’ve tried however, it might be more noticeable with this shade due to the darkness of the colour. The staying power was still great, though. It’s also highly pigmented. 

I partnered this lip kit with smoky brown eyeshadow, and a lot of the Half Baked from UD’s original naked palette. 

I really like this lip kit, however, it’s a less wearable colour so I doubt I’ll wear it too often. Brown also doesn’t go with a lot so it’ll just be used whenever I’m wearing a brown, white or nude outfit. It’s definitely a colour for those who love a bold look. I’m not sure if I’d buy it again, but it’ll last a long time since I won’t use it much so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!

Would you wear this colour?

I can’t stress ENOUGH that you should ONLY buy lip kits or glosses off because I was recently scammed by someone on eBay claiming it to be real so just pay the extra and buy off the real site. I was impatient and actually spent more buying off eBay and was scammed. The lip kits are available almost constantly on the website now, so you shouldn’t have any problems. 

Lots of love, Jessica xxx

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Budget Makeup Sponges…

Budget Makeup Sponges…

Before I purchased a makeup/blending sponge I was extremely sceptical as I thought they’d be a waste of money and not do a good job of blending the product on your face. I honestly did not see why they would be helpful. But as I heard everyone raving about them I decided to purchase a couple of budget sponges, before splashing out for an expensive one. 

The three sponges I purchased were as follows:

  1. Teardrop Beauty Sponge – eBay £2.50
  2. Makeup Gallery Blending Sponge – Poundlad £1, obviously…
  3. Claire’s Blending Sponge – Claire’s or BHS £4

The first sponge I’m going to talk about is the Makeup Gallery sponge from Poundland. If you’re new to the sponges, like me, this is a no-brainer-buy. For £1 with a few different colours to choose from, where could you go wrong? I passed it today and thought, why not? It was available in a few different colours, however, I went for the nude coloured one as I wanted different colour sponges. 

It came in simple packaging but I couldn’t complain for the price. The only thing I noticed about this sponge was that it had quite big pores so initially, I worried about it picking too much product up. It has a pointy edge and a relatively flat bottom to suit the contours of your face. It’s also the second softest of the three when you squeeze it. While using it to apply foundation I noticed that it was slightly rough on your face which is annoying as it left the odd hairline streak due to the texture. It also absorbed a little bit of the product but not too much and it provided a nearly flawless coverage, so all in all, not a bad buy. Does the job. Avoid if you have sensitive skin due to the texture. The colour probably isn’t the best as it will show a lot of dirt/use over time due to it being so light but since it’s so cheap it’s easier to replace every so often.The shape is good, too. 
The second sponge I’m going to review is the Teardrop Beauty sponge, which is the second most expensive of the three. Like previously mentioned, I picked this sponge up off eBay for £2.50 and you can get it in a range of different colours, however, I stuck with the original pink colour. This sponge is also claimed to be a great dupe of the more expensive Beauty Blender sponge, 

The sponge was packaged in a velvet bag. I love velvet, however, I don’t think this is the most hygienic of storage techniques. Still cute, though. The sponge is definitely the softest of the three I’m reviewing. The texture is also the smoothest and the pores in it are microscopic, okay, that’s an exaggeration but they are small. I genuinely fell in love with this sponge as I’ve used it a few times and it picks very little product up and it’s soft enough to mould to your contours. The bottom is quite round, which isn’t too helpful. The sponge spreads the product so easily across your face and leaves it flawless, I prefer this sponge over my RT Foundation Brush. Out of the three sponges I’m reviewing today, this is my favourite, I couldn’t live without it now. 
The last sponge I’m going to review is the Claire’s Blending Sponge, available out of Claire’s, obviously, and places like BHS which is soon to close. This sponge is the most expensive of the three, retailing at £4.

This was the sponge I was least impressed with, it was the hardest out of the three and the texture was the roughest, along with it being the most expensive. However, it is the smallest of the three so it’s great for getting those harder to reach spots. It also doesn’t absorb too much product, however, it does show how much product is on it due to the light colour. I feel like this sponge is very similar to the Makeup Gallery sponge, apart from the size, so it’s probably better going for the latter due to the cost. They both apply similarly, too but definitely great for newbies to the sponge! 
Obviously, done rule out giving any of these sponges a try as different products work better for different people! My favourite was definitely the Teardrop Beauty so I’d recommend giving that one a try first as it seriously impressed me and was really easy to use for a first timer! 
What sponge should I try next?
Lots of love, Jessica xxx

Anastasia Beverly Hills: That Glow Kit Review…

Anastasia Beverly Hills: That Glow Kit Review…

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates or posts, I’ve just been extremely busy lately! But today I’m going to review the Anastasia Beverly Hills: That Glow Kit. 

My partner ordered this palette for my for my birthday from the ABH site, with delivery, handling, VAT and the palette it’s self, it cost about £60! Yikes! Expensive, I know. But he wanted to make sure I got a real one. Ain’t got no time for fakes.

The palette it’s self if quite heavy and it was packaged really well, especially upon opening where there was a plastic sheet in between the pans and the lid.

The four colours on this palette are Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly and Dripping in Gold. This palette is definitely a summery palette as the colours are warmer and more golden than its counter parts. 

Ignore the dint in sunburst, my Naked Smoky slid onto it, my heart broke. 

In the picture above, the colours have been used quite a bit but it’s because I literally use this palette EVERYDAY. It’s so versatile and the colours can really be built for a noticeable highlight or applied sparsely for a little bit of a glow. I use Golden Bronze to contour, though. 

Bubbly is my favourite everyday subtle highlighter now as it has a slighlt pink undertone which goes well with my skin. The powder it’s self is not as fine as I expected however, it applies fine. The staying power isn’t amazing either and I have to use Urban Decay’s setting spray to keep it on, but this could be due to the fact I use a lot of powders on my face to mattify it since I have such oily skin.

The picture above is one of the swatches. From top to bottom, Dripping in Gold, Bubbly, Golden Bronze and Sunburst. 

Sunburst is the lightest of them all and that packs a very bold highlight, however, it shows slight green undertones on my face but it still looks great. 

This is me using bubbly for a subtle highlight.

All in all, I would buy this palette again, and I have my eyes on the other ones, especially That Gleam and Sweets. I got this palette at the perfect time as like I said it is amazing for summer due to the colours and I use it as part of my everyday ritual now! 

Which Glow Kit should I get next? Any suggestions?
Lots of love, Jessica xxx

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Budget Makeup Buys…

Budget Makeup Buys…

Today I decided I’d pop into Superdrug to have a look around whilst I was killing time, before I noticed that they had a 3 for 2 offer across all cosmetics. These days, I don’t buy too much drugstore makeup, however, I decided that I’d give it another go and give you a quick review of the three products I purchased. Everyone’s been on a budget at least once in their lives, right? And since I’m currently saving up for a holiday, these were the perfect price to satisfy my makeup addiction… For the time being!

The three products I purchased are MUA’s Translucent Pressed Powder, Makeup Revolution’s Amazing Curve Mascara and MUA’s Pencil Eyeliner (I use it as eyebrow pencil). 

First, I’m going to review MUA’s Translucent Pressed Powder. You can pick this powder up from Superdrug for £1. It is such a good buy for such a cheap price. 

It’s available in different shades to suit your skin tone and it’s even available as a bronzer. I picked it up in the lightest shade as I use it as my simple everyday powder. It comes in a nice simple plastic container that opens and closes to protect the product. 

It also is a very fine, lightweight powder that doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on your skin. It also applies nicely and doesn’t go patchy. It also looks very natural on your face and doesn’t cost your natural glow. The stay power of this product is actually quite impressive considering its £1, it lasts about six hours and does a great job of removing the oiliness to my face. I even apply it to my boyfriends face if he’s a bit oily, too. It looks so natural! 

All in all, it’s a great budget product and it’s totally worth the £1 I paid!

Secondly, I’m going to review Makeup Revolution’s Amazing Curve Mascara. This mascara you can pick up for £2. Being previously impressed by MR’s products, I was excited to give this product a go. 

It came in the signature Makeup Revolution black and rose gold packaging, which I love. It’s so stylish. It was also wrapped in cellophane.

I opened it to find a curved application brush, of which I expected. The mascara was very black, also (I’ve genuinely bought ‘black’ mascara before and it was a dark grey). The blackest of black for me, please. 

I applied it to my eyelashes and it applies very smooth. It didn’t feel clumpy or too thick, the formula was of such a nice consistency.

It also has a different smell to normal mascara, I can’t really explain it, however, it doesn’t effect the application. Once it was on, it dried quickly and lasted all day. I was also impressed by how easy it was to remove considering how long it lasted.

I will definitely be buying this again, it’s great!
Last but not least, I’m reviewing MUA’s Dark Brown Pencil Eyeliner. You can pick this up out of Superdrug for £1.

In all honesty, it’s such a bad eyeliner. It’s quite waxy and thick, I wouldn’t recommend using this to line your eyes. However, it’s great for brows, which is the only thing I use it for. It’s great for brows for the simple fact it’s like a wax crayon so it keeps your brow hairs together. The downside is that it’s quite dark and you can’t get it in many colours. It also smudges easily. But it DOES come with a sharpener on the lid, so that’s a plus!

Personally, this works for me however it might not be the case for everyone!
What’s your favourite budget buys? 
Lots of love, Jessica xxx
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My Birthday…

My Birthday…

Hey everyone, how are you all? Any new beauty products to recommend? 

My blog is definitely more of a beauty blog, definitely. However, sometimes I have such good experiences I have to post about them. And last week was my birthday…

I turned 20! 20!!! I’m sadly not a teenager anymore. And I just HAD to post about it.

For my 20th my partner and I decided to go back to our home town which is called Sunderland (The Tyne and Wear one in the UK). We booked a couple of nights in our newest hotel, a Premier Inn, however, it is such a nice hotel, I can only say amazing things about it!

We love the beds in the Premier Inn, so that’s why we stay there. The staff are also great, they found out it was my birthday and surprised me with these whilst I was out!

How amazing?

Enough of the hotel, let’s begin on my birthday…

On the morning, I woke up to some amazing makeup, picture below…

Genuinely, he made me the happiest girl on earth. This is like every makeup lovers perfect gift to receive. He even paid the extra to get the Glow Palette imported within three days from the ABH site in the US in time for my birthday. 

Along with this, I got a flake cake…

And following that we went to the cinemas, of which he paid for, he also surprised me with a bottle of my favourite champagne, a bottle of Moët & Chandon, I live for this champagne.

However, we didn’t have a bucket to chill it in so we resorted to using the sink.

However, my step dad works as a night manager for the Premier Inn (not that one). He recommended asking for a bucket of ice, however, we received something a little more special…

How nice? So we had a couple of glasses and headed out for drinks. This is us two before we left…

Yes I am taller, I was wearinging massive heels.

I also put extra effort into my makeup and put the ABH palette to the test. It’s AMAZING.

We had such a good night, genuinely. We met up with a couple of old friends, enjoyed some cocktails, enjoyed some more, got drunk, danced, enjoyed some more drinks…

In all honestly, I cannot remember past 22:00 in the slightest. But it was such a good night. 

To conclude, I had such an amazing birthday, I genuinely think it was my favourite birthday out of the twenty I’ve had. I spent it with the love of my life and got spoiled rotten. I keep looking back and wanting to do it again but I can’t. 

As much as I didn’t want to turn 20 as I’d like to be forever young, turning that little bit older was definitely worth it for the amazing day I had. However, Owen (my boyfriend) has set the bar so high, once again and I’m an extremely lucky person. I treasure every second we spend on this earth together.
Thanks for reading!

How was your week?
Lots of love, Jessica xxx


Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation Review…

Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation Review…

Okay, as promised, I’m going to review Rimmel Londons Wake a Me Up Foundation. This foundation is a drugstore foundation which can be picked up from many places including Supderdrug, Boots, Savers and Bodycare. I would recommend purchasing it from either Savers of Bodycare as they have promotions rather often which usually result in you bei able to pick the foundation up for £5, instead of the usual £8.99. The shade I picked up is 100 Ivory. 

Picture below isn’t mine.

Personally, I love the packaging for this bottle, it’s bright, simple and very appealing and for such a low priced foundation, it does not look cheap, as the bottle is made of quite thick glass. 

This product is great as it also comes with a really good pump which gives you nice sized portions, or whatever you would call it, to apply. Below is a picture of the foundation once it had left the bottle, and you can see this particular shade has a lot of yellow tones in it.

The pictures below are one of the swatches in different lights.

The formula for this foundation is a little bit thin so you definitely have to build it up to get a full coverage result, however, it builds nicely and doesn’t feel too cakey on your face. 

There’s many ways you can apply this foundation that would work, fingers, brush, makeup sponge…

I recently purchased a dupe for the Beauty Blender sponge called the Teardrop beauty sponge, and I opted to apply it with that as I had never used one before. Picture below:

I feel as though this foundation is best applied with a sponge as its thinner so the sponge applies it more evenely.

This foundation also brightens your face with more of a yellow tone and it has a slight glitter to it. It leaves you with a soft, dewy glow and like the bottle says, it wakes you up.

This foundation probably lasts on your skin for about six hours. 

One of the few negatives about this foundation is that it can transfer a lot if it isn’t set properly and isn’t the best for oily faces, however, I have an oily face and I still wear it, I just make sure I wear a lot of translucent powder and setting spray.

Another negative about this foundation is that sometimes it oxidised slightly, sometimes it doesn’t. 

On the picture above I’m wearing the foundation and I’ve used this photo to show how you can get a full coverage.
In all honesty, I LOVE this foundation and it is and has for years, been my holy grail foundation, out of the many I’ve tried. It’s at such a good price, the negatives it has aren’t too bad, it never breaks me out, is got SPF in it, it’s brightening, it’s buildable, it’s light and it can give you a full flawless coverage. I will happily buy this again and I will for a long time.

Have you ever used this foundation?
Lots of love, Jessica xxx

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit Review…

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit Review…

Hey everyone! It’s been a while I know, how are you all? Recently I received my Barry M Chisel Cheeks contour kit in the shade Light to Medium. I was really excited about trying this product as I had been after a drug store contouring kit for a while. These are available for a nice £6.49 out of Superdrug or Boots, so it’s not a big chunk out of your pocket. 

This is actually my first Barry M product so I didn’t know what to expect at all. 

Initially it became apparent that the palette was extremely well wrapped with cellophane over the pans to keep them from transferring or getting damaged. The palette was a hard sort of cardboard meaning that it wouldn’t crack and it could take a bump. 

Upon opening I discovered the three colour pans and a little guide on the inside of the palette instructing me on how to use the colours. The description on the Superdrug site states that:

The travel-sized palette includes a light powder to highlight, a bronzer to warm, and a dark powder to sculpt for a perfectly enhanced appearance.

I was impressed by how dark the colours were on the palette as sometimes when you purchase a light to medium product it is way too light. 

I began to apply this product once I had applied my foundation, concealer and translucent powder in fear that my cheeks would end up blotchy due to the moisture off the foundation on my face. 

I used a small blusher brush to apply this intially and it worked a treat, genuinely, the brush type depends on how hard, soft or sharp you want your contour to look. I tried to follow the guide on the inside of the palette however, after doing that I looked like I was in the armed forces with a camouflage looking face. 

The powder on this palette is very fine of which I loved, and the colours apply to your face rather dark meaning that they are quite pigmented and they are extremely buildable. I felt as if the light powder was pointless as it didn’t do anything for my face, so that’s the only colour I’ll probably not use. Below is a picture of my makeup, including the use of this palette. 

The colour was also so easy to blend so if I made mistakes, the mistakes were so easy to conceal. I used the bronzer in the middle of this palette the most and I used the dark powder if I wanted more of a sharp, bold, dark contour. The stay power on this palette was great, also, it lasted all night and until the next morning with only a little disappearing and transferring onto my pillows. 

All in all, I would DEFINITELY buy this palette again, apart from the light colour, I thought this palette is amazing and at such a good price too. It has definitely influenced me to purchase other Barry M products. In all honesty, for £6.49 you cannot go wrong. 
What’s your favourite contouring kit?
Lots of love, Jessica xxx

Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump XL Lip Gloss Review…

Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump XL Lip Gloss Review…

Lip plumping products are quite contraversial, many say they don’t work and the only way to plumper lips is lip fillers. In a way, I do agree with this, having fillers myself, they definitely are great and do give you that kissable pout. However, I’m always stil, open to trying pluming products as you never know, there could be an amazing pout changer out there! So, today I’m going to be reviewing Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump XL Lip Gloss, in hope that I’ll find a holy grail.

I picked this product up out of Boots for £9.99, it was a little on the expensive side for lip gloss but I trusted it to be great. The fact the packaging is really pretty and eye catching also persuaded me to purchase the product. 

On opening, the box reveals a typical looking silver lip gloss tube. Looking at other reviews I’d heard that it had a strong chocolate smell, it did. To be honest, it was that strong it slightly put me off using the product, however, I was not paying £9.99 to not use a product. 

I picked the clear version of this one as I wanted to be able to wear it with a range of different lipstick colours. The picture below is the lip gloss.

As you’ve probably noticed, it looks white, but once applied to the lips it goes rather clear. 

These are my lips before application. 

You will notice that the way I’m pouting is weird and slightly different in both pictures, I do apologise.

So I applied the lip gloss, and soon enough I could feel stinging and tingling. Personally, the stinging wasn’t too bad unlike what people had said and without it I would probably believe in the product less. 

Below is a picture of the lip gloss once it’s on your lips, to give you an idea of what it looks like on and how clear it is, it’s clear enough to be able to be used with other lip products. 

I wiped the lip gloss off after about ten minutes because I find lipgloss uncomfortable and awkward, no matter what lipgloss it is. The lipgloss is slightly sticky too, but I can’t comment on the staying power. It also is quite a thick formula for lipgloss.

Below is a picture of the lipgloss one it had been wiped off.

As you can see, upon removal my lips are a little bit more pink, smooth and plump. In all honesty, I believe this product really works. I feel as if it attracted more blood to my lips. Obviously, they aren’t much bigger but they do look more plump and this is coming from someone who pays for lip fillers. 

After about an hour and a half, the plumpness basically disappeared so I can imagine that this product would require a lot of reapplication, meaning that you would go through the product quite fast, however, if you want plump lips without any cosmetic procedures, this is the price you have to pay.

I would probably buy this product again and I think it’s good for those who don’t want/can’t afford lip fillers as it does help your pout! The price isn’t too bad it’s just the smell of the lipgloss that puts me off a slight bit. But for £9.99 you might as well give it a try as I believe it does work! Careful, though, if you don’t think you’ll like the tingling I wouldn’t recommend going for this product!
What lip plumping products do you use?
Lots of love, Jessica xxx

A couple of things coming up…

A couple of things coming up…

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t been blogging as much! I’ve recently began to work two full jobs which equate to nearly full time hours, just to earn some extra money for a holiday and more makeup 😊 I won’t be blogging everyday like usual, however, I’ll be blogging maybe once or twice a week!
Quality not quantity, right?

I thought I’d rather put only one or two reviews up a week which are better quality than dragging one out everyday when I’m exhausted and not on top form.

Below is a few of the things I’ll be reviewing over the next couple of weeks…

These are my presents off my boyfriend for my birthday next week (apart from the photo primer) so you’ll hear about them very soon!
I hope you’re as excited as I am!
Lots of love, Jessica xxx

Fake Kylie Cosmetics Warning!!!

Fake Kylie Cosmetics Warning!!!

Okay, after searching through eBay to see if I could buy Mary Jo K since I’ve just missed the most recent restock, I stumbled upon these…
My heart jumped. Nothing makes me more naseous or nervous than fakes. These are the first Kylie Cosmetics fakes I’ve seen so it’s not like I’ve heard anything about them, either. The one thing about copies is that they can be so dangerous, there’s been reports of the chemicals burning people’s faces which isn’t pleasant really, is it?

I’m just going to discuss the packaging for a little while, in the two pictures above, the packaging for the lip kits is completely wrong although, the seller states that they come without liner. Kylie doesn’t sell the liquid lipsticks from her Lip Kits without the liner so there wouldn’t be a substitute box. So the packaging is COMPLETELY wrong. However, I’m scared in case people fall for these due to the fact the packaging resembles the glosses and the metals packaging design. The writing on the actual lipsticks is thicker and blockier on the fakes as well. 

Also, the colour of the liquid lipstick next to the packaging isn’t right because they’re totally different colours!

Two more examples of the wrong packaging:

So if you see any pictures like these, AVOID.

Below, is a picture of what they had in the description and it’s just completely wrong, spelling mistakes, lies and saying that they’re the first to get Kylie Cosmetics in bulk: 

Because this is legit, right? 😑

Also, this is one of the sellers, with no feedback at all. I’m not even afraid of any backlash I get for posting their products due to the fact they selling a potentially dangerous product that could’ve been tested on animals or not tested at all.
So, if you’re a little skint and you think these might be a good idea, save your money and AVOID these. Save the cash and save for a real Lip Kit which are restocked every week or two. It’s just such a shame that people have begun to sell these, however, it’s inevitable so please avoid and if you come across any of these report the seller.

Be careful everyone!
Lots of love, Jessica xxx